• This is Faith at 3 months old. Most of you don't know why we named her Faith. See Faith and I share a very special bond and that is we both almost died at her birth. I'm not going to go into the entire birth story but I'll start with this. During a doctors visit I past out suddenly and was unresponsive. They lost the babys heartbeat on the monitor as well. I was rushed to the operating room. The doctors told my husband I coded blued. Every doctor in the hospital rushed up. They said I flat lined. The doctors started an emergency c-section to save the baby. I woke up just as the doctor was about to make the cut. I don't have any memory of this event. This story was told to me by my husband and the team of doctors that worked on us both. I delivered the baby a few weeks later and we named her Faith. She is a miracle and a gift from God. I can't even believe its been 13 years. I am so grateful and humbled that God chose me to be her mom. So today, we not only celebrate her birthday, we celebrate the honor being alive. Happy birthday Faith!

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  • Rest well Aretha.
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  • When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you , a joy. Rumi 
I have an announcement! I am making my IG TV network premier tonight. I’m showing behind the scenes of my shoot in the lavender fields. Please tune in and let me know if you want to see more. If your not familiar with IGTV there’s s tv button at the very top of your page. Just click that and look for me. .
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  • Ahhh Coronado. I love after a day of shooting hitting Coronado and watching the sunset.

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Call it a lifelong love affair. Since she can recall, Shyla Marie has been entranced by the lens— and by what lies beyond it. Blending precision and artistry, meticulousness and happenstance, she creates images that illustrate life at its best: a groom’s first glance at his bride; her peering up through a sunlit veil; a girl entangled in the hem of her mother’s dress.

With four children of her own, Shyla Marie is rooted in the philosophy that candid is best—that life happens in the moments when you aren’t watching, but the camera is. And as a part-time songwriter, she believes that photographs can evoke emotion much like music: a portrait can be a poem; a snapshot can carry a melody. A framed image in the stairwell can whisper of happy days gone by.

It’s this artistic, nuanced approach that defines Shyla Marie’s work, making her the photographer of choice for countless couples and families—ones who often turn to Shyla Marie for their wedding, then continue to collaborate with her as their family grows.

Camera in hand, she captures their most beautiful, fleeting moments to tell a unique and lasting story—no wonder she’s so in love with her craft.