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The Life of Being a Creative – Shyla Marie Photography


When I was a young child, I thought there was something wrong with me. Everyone in my family called me strange. I didn’t see things they way they did. I didn’t feel things the way they did and I didn’t gravitate towards the same things they did. When I went to school, I found the same thing with the people around me. I saw beauty in the simplest things. I heard a beautiful song when the birds chirped. My friends didn’t quite see or hear it that way. All they heard was racket.

It wasn’t until I went to high school in a new town and was able to study music that I realized what made me so different. I met an amazing teacher who pin-pointed what made me different. I was a creative. He wanted me in his choir. That completely changed my life and how I saw myself. In that first year of high school I was able to shed the shame of being different. I was no longer the odd one out.  I was able to find where I belong. Here I was among like-minded people who saw the world like I did. People who wanted to express themselves through art. It was there I also discovered I had a talent for photography. Thank you Mr. K.

From there I knew I wanted to create a community to connect creatives; how we learn and see the world. We are in the minority of the world. But that’s what makes us outstanding. Leave me comments below. I want to know how it has been for you being a creative.

All the best,

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