Discover the Shyla Marie Difference


The fine lines of a newborn’s hands, the calm of a new mother’s touch, the big grin of a just married couple—these are the details Shyla Marie searches for, and always manages to find. She believes photography is an exercise in capturing life as it comes, always opting for play over posing, stolen moments instead of staged ones. It’s a pursuit that shows in every photograph—the Shyla Marie difference.

Catching the Light

Perhaps Shyla Marie’s most sought-after talent is her mastery of light. Preferring to shoot in ample, ambient light, she invites her subjects into settings that feel both relaxed and contemporary: a bed streaked with sunlight, a serene beachscape, even a quiet city street. The result? Stunning, luminous photographs with a sense of ease.

Telling the Story

To truly depict someone is to know them—and that’s why Shyla Marie takes time to connect with each of her clients. With a sense of dynamics, personalities and the occasion at hand, she takes an unobtrusive approach, allowing her subjects to be both comfortable and uninhibited. It gives way to a focus on the in-between moments—the quick glances, knowing smiles and fits of laughter that ultimately weave a story.

Keeping the Promise

In trusting Shyla Marie’s process, each client receives her greatest promise: absolute satisfaction. Because above all else, her mission is to capture your best moments like no one else can.

Spreading the Love

Shyla Marie’s artistic touch extends to a diverse selection of products, from traditional prints to hand-bound albums. Discover unexpected, elegant ways to display your new images, worthy of giving to a loved one—or yes, to yourself.