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Ready For Spring! – Shyla Marie Photography

Looks like Southern California and I are both incredibly ready for Spring! The amount of rainfall we’ve received this year has been astounding for nature. The valleys are green, flowers are springing, and it’s looking like we’re out of that forsaken drought!

Once the rain calmed down a bit, I had the chance to go out and scout a few of these particular locations last week. I was impressed with what I saw, and I absolutely had to take these snaps.

As you know, I shoot all over the southern region of this state, so it was exciting to discover and visit these new, beautiful areas after a long day of work.


Our state has always been beautiful, but with this recent rainfall and the gorgeous flowers blossoming, it has been amplified.

After seeing these locations throughout the southern state, I have become more inspired and have fallen more in love with my city and those surrounding it.

If you are interested in being photographed at one or more of these beautiful locations, email me for information at shyla@shylamariephotography.com.