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How To Create Fresh Content for Your Blog (and Why You Should!) – Shyla Marie Photography

If you’re a blogger, a creative, an event planner, etc. you know how important it is to consistently have fresh content for your blog. You also know how much work that can take and how overwhelming it can sometimes feel to always create new creative concepts and images to share with your viewers.

Here are a few ideas to help you create fresh content for your blog, along with some key reasons why you should.

  1. Get personal. Share a personal story, memory, or something interesting about you. Readers love getting to you know on a more personal and vulnerable level.

  2. Phone a friend. Ask a friend to do a guest post or just ask a friend for some ideas!

  3. Use the news. Anything happening in the world that you can provide commentary on or tie into your area of focus?

  4. Survey your readers. Ask your audience what they want to see — and then give it to them!

  5. Interview someone. Reach out to a friend, a colleague, someone you admire, someone you’ve collaborated with, another expert in your field, etc. and interview them!

  6. Create a challenge or a contest. Running a challenge or contest is a great way to get a surge of engagement and new viewers.

  7. Attend an event. Go do something new and cover the experience.

  8. Appreciate post to your followers! Show your audience some love, perhaps by shoutouts or a more general “thank you letter” type of post.

  9. FAQ about you or your industry. An FAQ post is a great way to let the audience learn more about you or educate them on your area of expertise.

  10. Pay attention to the comments and messages on your blog and social media. Listen to what’s being said on your content and past posts, and tap into those topics.

  11. Write a review. Choose something you’ve done recently, a product you’ve used, a book you’ve read — you name it — and share your thoughts on it!

  12. Address an issue or a common problem or frustration in your industry. Is there something that bugs you or your audience about your industry? Assess it (without being whiny) with your readers, and even propose some solutions.

  13. Attend The Shoot Out or another type of content creating event. We just launched The Shoot Out, curated gatherings to provide creatives with high-quality photos to use. Events like these give you the opportunity to have your own photoshoots on a recurring basis so you’ll have fresh content to use all the time.

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